Digital Learning Solutions

Behavioral techniques delivered through online learning channels or courses use highly engaging methods to communicate on concepts and nuances in the areas of leadership, management, business and personal development. The robust technology platform (with functions of an LMS) with administration and monitoring capabilities make learning more focused and measurable. We offer IT courses as well based on latest developments that are curated by experts in the field.

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Business Simulations

It is said, that simulations bring out the natural behavior in people and their actions and consequences can be seen / witnessed without any impact to business. The sensitizing capabilities of such simulations have a wide ranging positive impact on performance. We offers highly engaging, fun-filled business simulation for corporates where teams can learn by doing, by practicing, by making mistake & from other’s mistake.

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Instructor-led Training

We offer customized programs for Instructor-led Training (ILT) / classroom training for Junior / Senior managers. Our trainers come with significant and wide ranging experience to help engage audience and drive home the relevant learning in the most effective manner.

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Our Exclusive Programs

About 40% of Sales Managers hover around a cost ratio of 10% or higher.  If they were to improve their cost ratio to 6-8 per cent, a Company harvests a direct 20-40 per cent increase in New Business Income year to year. Once these Sales Managers taste success, they may improve further.

Almost 30-40% of Sales Managers are working with a cost ratio of 15% & above.  The main challenge is to bring them out of their stupor and create in them a “will” to break the present logjam.  This requires an uplifting of their spirits, enhance their confidence and put a fire in their belly.  This then requires a backup of ideas, skills and attitudes to rework how they work.

The proposed Program will be a mix of psychological boost and a strong injection of skills and attitudes.

(Stimulate People to Achieve Results through Collaboration) – Program for Middle level/Administrative Managers. It will focus on paradigm shift in their thinking and attitude and enable them to come out of their silos and participate in achievement of company’s business goals.
Program for Operations Managers at all levels in manufacturing sector. It develops the competencies for overcoming day to day job constraints, solving problems and taking essential decisions, using critical thinking.

Research across organizations shows that Branches constitute 80% to 90% of a firm. How the Branches perform decides how the Organization performs. Branch Manager is the pivot on which revolves the Branch. A Branch Manager’s role is played out in his daily transactions with significant Seven. Every day, he does things to others and others do things to him. These are his daily transactions that make up his typical day.

The Seven Transactions a Branch Manager goes through every day are-

  1. Transactions with Markets and Competition
  2. Transactions with the Marketing Team
  3. Transactions with Staff& Unions
  4. Transactions with Supervisors & Assistant Managers
  5. Transactions with the Customers
  6. Transactions with the Higher Offices
  7. Transactions with Self

M-10 is an extension of the epic T-7 Program for Branch Managers (mostly under the age of 40 or thereabouts). M-10 was targeted at BMs who were 45 years and more.  The three distinguishing elements of M-10 compared to T-7 were educating them on use of IT and Social Media, Coaching of their younger subordinates and inputs on financial planning.  The rest of the Program content was similar to T-7 The Programs – T-7 & M-10 – were developed after extensive research and had a validation score of 99%.
For staff at bottom of the pyramid like peons, cleaners, drivers and external support staff.  The program aims at breaking their tunnel view of their job, uplift self-esteem and give them a sense of participation in the firms’ progress.
First Time Manager (FTM) – Program for first time managers. The basic theme is to score the understanding that becoming a Manager is a life enhancing event.  This life enhancement happens in four dimensions:

Personal Organizational Relationship Role / Job
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What clients say about us

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards your team for designing, developing & deploying iLearn 2.0 at our organization.

This may be a routine project at your end, but the relentless efforts clubbed with highest level of ownership & creativity demonstrated
by team is commendable. To an extent of working round the clock based out of Bangalore
on Independence day to make things happen is exemplary.

The WOW factor as a customer is of having a YES to most request, sharing possibilities and executing changes/request with a SMILE.

The WOW factor as a customer is of having a YES to most request, sharing possibilities
and executing changes/request with a SMILE.

Manish Desai Head
– Learning & Capability development, Arvind University

I would like to express my satisfaction regarding the Digital Learning offerings from your organization. They have been liked and appreciated by all those who are taking the courses at Praj, including me. The course design with all its elements in place are thought through very well.

The team that you have is also doing a great job in supporting us in this journey. They have all been very prompt in responding and helping out.

It is indeed a pleasure to be associated with Eduriser and CrossKnowledge.

Veena Apte

“We appreciate your friendly cooperation and great patience. It has been a tough yet transformational journey for our e-learning initiative. With CrossKnowledge we could offer world class courses to our employees across the globe. There was a significant rise in e-learning adoption as compared to the last year. We couldn’t have come this far without your support!!

Your professionalism and positive attitude are greatly appreciated; thank you again. I look forward to work with you in future.”

L & D Manager